MamaCore Method In-Person is back! Join us Sept. 30 - Oct. 21.

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The Movement Method for Motherhood.

MamaCore is a physical practice thoughtfully designed to honor the unique needs of every woman’s postpartum body, mind, and experience.

Nourishing movement for every woman’s postpartum journey.

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Welcome, Mama!

I'm Kate, and I'm so happy you're here.

I am a Mom & Chiropractor with a passion for supporting women through their motherhood journey. MamaCore is a movement practice rooted in Kinesiology & Vinyasa Yoga. 

This method offers the opportunity for mamas to build strength & flexibility while healing postpartum core and pelvic floor dysfunction. The movements are specifically designed to be safe and effective for women with diastasis recti (DRA) and/or postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction.

This practice is the perfect starting point for a new mama who wants to get back to exercise in a way that honors her body, mind and soul during her early postpartum season.

MamaCore Movement Flows are designed to create connection & strength within our bodies, no matter where we are on the motherhood spectrum. 


If you desire functional flows designed specifically for motherhood – this is it. Let’s move & heal, together. 

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Cultivate movement and strength in the safe space of your own home, when the time is right for you.

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Connect with a community of mamas on the same journey as you as we reconnect with our breath and our bodies.

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As a studio or gym owner, continue supporting the mamas in your community in their postpartum season.

Ready to Flow Forward?

Classes & Resources

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MamaCore at Home

Your roadmap to reconnection. 
This 8 week course will guide you through our MamaCore Method flows designed to meet you where you are, take you by the hand and build your strength, flexibility, and confidence along the way. We believe postpartum healing exists on a spectrum, and you are on your own unique path. Therefore, this roadmap is designed with multiple pathways toward reconnection.  Whether you are 3 months postpartum, 3 years, or 30 years; each week offers a Core Lesson to illuminate the wisdom of your body, a 30 min Guided Flow for all, and 10 min Daily Flows for your specific level. As you progress, you will gain knowledge, strength, flexibility, and mobility – and with that, the confidence in your body’s ability to flow forward (far beyond the BS of “bouncing back”). You have access to this eight week course for one full year, for you to flow at your own pace and discover your strength from level one to level three.
A woman doing yoga on a mat in a studio.

MamaCore In-Person

Merging movement with ceremony, for our individual and collective healing. 

This in-person gathering is far more than a movement class. It is a sacred opportunity for mothers to gather together and honor our body/mind/spirit in the presence of community. We will begin with a guided meditation to land in our space together, breathwork to sync our energy, a Core Lesson to align our awareness, and then a movement flow to integrate it all. We will close with community connection, allowing space for conversation and a safe container for whatever comes up within us. You will walk away feeling rooted in a community of Mothers, grounded in your nervous system, and connected to your breath/body/core.

What they're saying

"I have taught and practiced yoga for years but still had some pelvic floor issues, core weakness and low back pain five years postpartum. MamaCore made such a difference! Kate’s classes are incredibly beneficial, challenging, relaxing and just plain fun! I wholeheartedly recommend!"
"MamaCore was one of the best things I've ever done for my body and my soul. It helped me appreciate the strength and beauty of my and other women's postpartum bodies, it helped me process the postpartum emotions, and it connected me with the supportive community of amazing women."
"I love that it helps me with movement in my advanced years and keeps me strong for being with grand babies. It’s for all mamas regardless of your stage of mama hood."
Our Values

At MamaCore, we believe...

MamaCore Method is committed to the idea of *Flowing Forward* and setting fire to the BS of “Bouncing Back”.

We were not meant to “bounce back”, why would we ever want to go backwards? Motherhood is calling us forward, we are evolving, we have transformed.

Your incredible body has created, birthed, nourished and sustained LIFE – go back to what?! Your pre-miraculous, pre-magic-making, pre-optimal-expression-of-human-capacity form? No Thank you.

Forget “bouncing back”, it’s time to flow forward. Take all the lessons, the wisdom, the strength, and the love you have created – and bring it with you. This practice is created to support, heal, strengthen, and celebrate our bodies.

Just as we can not un-become a mother in our heart, we can not un-become mothers in our body. Postpartum is a journey of growth, healing, strength and love. Welcome to the path of postpartum, there is no finish-line.

MamaCore Method is rooted in developmental kinesiology: how babies move. All babies are born with a DRA, and a weak pelvic floor (hello diapers). And yet all healthy babies innately move through the same movement milestones, as they gain strength and connection in their body & nervous system. 

MamaCore Method incorporates the same movement milestones that heal & strengthen our babies, to heal & strengthen mamas. It’s rooted in our nervous systems already. Our babies are reminding us of how to heal. 

When we apply the wisdom of these primal movement patterns during our postpartum season – we get the opportunity to optimize our healing; and rebuild a stronger, more resilient, mind-body connection.

The levels of MamaCore Method are guideposts on the path of your unique healing journey. They are based on a time-line, however we recognize that every mother’s healing time-line is uniquely her own.

360* breath is how we heal and activate the core. “Pulling belly button to the spine” is how we create dysfunction & imbalance. 

The cultural narrative tells postpartum women to shrink, as quickly as possible. Creating an unspoken expectation that we need to suck in our belly, take shallow breaths, and pull our belly in. This idea is the driving force behind back pain, core-imbalance, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

MamaCore Method reminds us that we need to take up space, now more than ever. The physiology of healing demands that we allow our entire core to expand with every inhale (360* breath), this is how we truly activate the core canister (it’s not just about the abdominal muscles!), heal our DRA & pelvic floor, and tap into our strength.

The twelve weeks after the baby is born is a crucial period of healing for mothers. The slower we move, the faster we heal. During this time we connect to our breath, nourish our body, and move with ease & gratitude for our incredible body. 

We evolve our practice as we get stronger.

The Infradian Rhythm & Lunar Cycles are the keys to Optimizing our Health. 

We honor the wisdom of our nature. When our bleed returns, we are offered a new opportunity to optimize our health and healing. 

Women, and people-who-menstruate, are designed to sync to our cycle (our infradian rhythm). We are also equally designed to be in rhythm with the moon. 

During our reproductive years our menstrual cycle is our fifth vital sign. A biological cycle that, when honored, offers us the opportunity to optimize our mind-body health,  our energy, our productivity, our libido, and our metabolism. 

Connecting to our collective moon cycle offers us the opportunity to connect to the rhythm of our nature as well.

The movement practice of MamaCore connects us to our breath, our body, and our Core. And, we can connect to our own internal wisdom through the practice of cycle-awareness and moon-cycle connection.

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a movement plan for your postpartum journey.

Access FREE movement and breathing techniques designed by Dr. Kate to guide you through your healing timeline.