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March 6, 2024

MamaCore Method: Ditch the BS of Bouncing Back and Flow Forward

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Have you seen the ads “Bounce back in 8 weeks,” or had someone comment on your body after having a baby? If I were to ask you how to connect to your core, do you hear a trainer in your ear saying, “Pull your belly button to your spine?” What if I told you there was a different way? A path that calls for expansion, taking up space, surrender, and so much love. This is the path of strength, starting with the foundation you deserve.

MamaCore Method is committed to the idea of *Flowing Forward* and setting fire to the BS of “Bouncing Back”


We were not meant to “bounce back.” Why would we ever want to go backward? Motherhood is calling us forward. We are evolving, and we have transformed.


Your incredible body has created, birthed, nourished, and sustained LIFE – go back to what?! Your pre-miraculous, pre-magic-making, pre-optimal-expression-of-human-capacity form? No, Thank you.


Forget “bouncing back.” It’s time to flow forward. Take all the lessons, wisdom, strength, and love you have created and bring them with you. This practice is designed to support, heal, strengthen, and celebrate our bodies.


We find our deepest strength when we surrender to the transformative power of motherhood. Let’s breathe in the present and exhale the past. Together, we redefine movement for motherhood, not as a return to an old state but as a continuous evolution towards our strongest selves. Join me as we flow forward, finding solace, connection, and unyielding strength in the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Commit to mom time.