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MamaCore at Home

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About the course

Your roadmap to reconnection. 
This 8 week course will guide you through our MamaCore Method flows designed to meet you where you are, take you by the hand and build your strength, flexibility, and confidence along the way. We believe postpartum healing exists on a spectrum, and you are on your own unique path. Therefore, this roadmap is designed with multiple pathways toward reconnection.  Whether you are 3 months postpartum, 3 years, or 30 years; each week offers a Core Lesson to illuminate the wisdom of your body, a 30 min Guided Flow for all, and 10 min Daily Flows for your specific level. As you progress, you will gain knowledge, strength, flexibility, and mobility – and with that, the confidence in your body’s ability to flow forward (far beyond the BS of “bouncing back”). You have access to this eight week course for one full year, for you to flow at your own pace and discover your strength from level one to level three.

What you'll receive

Take it from other mamas

"MamaCore was one of the best things I've ever done for my body and my soul. It helped me appreciate the strength and beauty of my and other women's postpartum bodies."
- Anna